It is a known fact that the most damaging event that could ever happen to any commercial or residential building is fire caused by faulty electrical system. The system of electrical distribution in any commercial building is varied in size and also complex in nature; and it becomes even more complex when the operation of the business keeps getting bigger. In fact, as you look closely into it, such a complex system normally involves a network of circuits that would comprise fuses, breakers, or that of a step down transformers. It is in this light that such complexities in an electrical network can predispose your commercial or residential property to that of a fire risk.

Certain measures and steps have to be taken so that you can be assured that no amount of electrical fires can ever occur. Knowing what steps to take and tips to follow will ensure that you will never be in harm’s way brought about by electrical fire.

Safety Tips to Prevent Commercial Electric Fires

Hire a Qualified Electrician for Electrical Work

Qualified electricians in Sydney are trained to install all electrical wires and outlets to meet your building codes and standards. They will make sure that all the fixtures in your building are installed properly and if any problem occurs they can able to identify the faulty outlet from the miles away.

Blown Fuses and Tripped Circuits Indicates the Problem

Usually overloaded outlets or circuits may cause frequent blown fuses or tripped circuits are the main indications of electrical problems.

Also, a frequent flickering or dimming lights may indicate a short in the wiring, dangerous arcing, or an overextension of electrical systems.

Practice Preventative Maintenance

Within your electric system, loose and corroded wires connections can trip breakers, overload and damage the sensitive equipment. Regular maintenance of both electric system and the cords connecting to it helps you to reduce these risks. Get more information here…

Watch this video below for some more tips.

On the other hand, it would be beneficial on your part that you will know of signs why you must enact the changing or upgrading of the wiring in your property. Through this, you will never have to worry about the risk of being caught in an unfortunate situation such as an electrical fire. Likewise, you can breathe in new life to your electrical wiring system to an otherwise dilapidated one that has existed for so many years.

Signs That The Wiring On Your Property Needs To Be Upgraded

Two-pronged underground outlets

Take a look the outlets in your home; check whether they are 3-pronged or 2-pronged. If you find there are various 2-pronged outlets on your property, it’s time for you to call in an electrician. These outlets are undergrounded and can pose a fire-hazard. You would have to get these replaced with 3-pronged ones and ensure that these are grounded. The other alternative is to replace these with GFCI outlets as this will help protect your property. Your electrician will be able to evaluate your property’s needs.

Aluminum wiring

Many homes that were built in the 1960’s & 1970’s had aluminum wiring instead of the safer copper wiring. The former is prone to loosen over time and this increases the fire risk in your home, whenever any outlet is in use. When you get the wiring on your property inspected by an electrician, he would be able to tell you if there is any risk and will provide a suitable solution to the problem.


Modern day appliances are power-guzzlers and modern wiring systems are specially designed to bear these loads. However, any installation that is a few decades old is unable to bear the load of modern appliance such as washing machines, dishwashers etc. If you have more than one heavy appliance operating on one electrical circuit in your home, that can pose another problem. The excess load causes the older wiring to get heated which in turn melts the insulation around it. This exposed wiring results in arcing (hissing, humming sounds). If you ignore these signs and don’t get the installation checked in time, it can result in an electrical fire. Read more on this link…

All these steps and solutions to whatever electrical wiring problems you may have at home will surely decrease the chances of any possible hazard to ever happen to you and your property. You can certainly be away from any risk and potential loss of life or damage to property when all these tips are strictly adhered to.

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