It can be somewhat alarming to imagine how much we usually depend on electricity to get us through our day. Nothing reveals this even more strongly than a power interruption. Once the lights setting off, most of the things we take for granted – both needs and little luxuries – fly outside the window. So it’s necessary to possess a stock of things throughout the house to sustain you during the inevitable power outage. This is useful list of 10 things you should always have close to hand, so that you can get through a power outage in relative comfort.

However long the blackout could be, you’ll get dehydrated. The general rule is to have 4 litres of clean, drinkable water per person, each day. Cases of bottled water from your nearby grocery store are perfect, as are bigger containers.

For extended power outages, you’ll sooner or later get hungry. You’ll need to have some food that doesn’t need to get refrigerated or cooked to be consumed: peanut butter, crackers, pickled food, and nuts are the best options. In case you have a pet, you’ll certainly also want some food for them as well!

Fire may be essential in the winter season. An excellent suggestion would be to always have 3 different methods to start a fire: lighter, matches, or a mechanical fire starter.

First-Aid Kit
A well-stocked first-aid kit is important, and seriously worth an investment. I would suggest going one step or two higher than the smaller kits that simply come with a few Band-Aids and a few gauze, and look for one with additional items. They don’t go bad, and the instance you use it, it pays for itself.

If you want to keep your fire burning, you’ll need fuel. That means wood for your fireplace. Candles, if used properly, can also be a source of heat. If you have lanterns, make sure you’ve got an appropriate stock of fuel for them, too.

Various types of flashlight will be helpful. Headlamps, hand-torches, and flashing indicator lamps will always be useful to have around. Just be sure you’ve got sufficient batteries!

Since the strict essentials are covered, we can examine conveniences. An outdoor stove or grill will enable you to make coffee or cook food throughout the year, provided that you have gas. Space blankets may be used in your windows to either seal away the cold or block out the sun even without weather control.

If the power is gone, you could be sleeping in the cold. Get a supply of warm clothing that’s clean and ready-to-wear, like a balaclava, long underclothing, and thick socks.

Entertainment off the grid is also useful for passing the time: a simple deck of cards or an acoustic guitar (assuming someone knows how to play it!) can have huge entertainment value.

You can use a small selection of gadgets even if the electricity is out. Using a back-up battery charger for your mobile phone will enable you to utilize it for quite a while, and a hand-powered radio will help while away the hours while you wait for electricity to come back.

When your electricity has been brought back, it might be smart to schedule a service call from your local electrician to ensure there’s no long-lasting damage lurking behind the walls.