Fire bureaus have ranked electrical fire as the leading cause of fire which can cause death, injury and significant damage to property. These electrical fires can be prevented when the electrical distribution system is thoroughly checked, such that the variance in size and the complexity of the network is managed carefully by an electrician. Furthermore, it would be essential that complex components such as step down transformers, fuses, and circuit breakers should always be installed so that it can hamper any fire risk in your property. Fortunately, there are certain warning signs that you have to be very familiar with so that you can pre-empt any event that will lead to an electrical fire.

It is essential to understand that a qualified electrician should always work with you, so that they can fully maintain the electrical system and check for any loopholes therein. Their job is so important that you can’t do away with them.

Safety Tips to Prevent Commercial Electric Fires

Hire a Qualified Electrician for Electrical Work

Qualified electricians in Sydney are trained to install all electrical wires and outlets to meet your building codes and standards. They will make sure that all the fixtures in your building are installed properly and if any problem occurs they can able to identify the faulty outlet from the miles away.

Do Not Use the Same Outlet

Electronic devices or equipment with high energy loads can easily overload a commercial outlet, especially while using the same outlet for more than one device. High energy equipment should have its own dedicated outlet, for your safety.

Eliminate Extension cords

If multiple devices are plugged into the same outlet through an extension cord, the risk of over current increases. Extension cords often provide a temporary solutions and it should not be used as a substitute for the fixed wiring of a device. If the extension cord is a permanent fixture in your office setup, definitely you should look for the other solution. Read more here…

There are telltale signs that will tell you that your electrical system needs an upgrade. It is important that you get to be familiar with these signs so that you will not predispose yourself to electrical fire and the harm that it can cause.

Signs That The Wiring On Your Property Needs To Be Upgraded

#1 Age of the wiring

If you live in an older home which has wiring that’s over 15-20 years old or have moved into a home and have begun noticing too many current fluctuations, it’s important that you call in a skilled and licensed electrician to check the wiring on your property. If you have lived in the same house for over a decade and can’t recollect when you last got the installations inspected and tested, don’t defer calling in an electrician to conduct a thorough inspection.

#2 Two-pronged underground outlets

Take a look the outlets in your home; check whether they are 3-pronged or 2-pronged. If you find there are various 2-pronged outlets on your property, it’s time for you to call in an electrician. These outlets are undergrounded and can pose a fire-hazard. You would have to get these replaced with 3-pronged ones and ensure that these are grounded. The other alternative is to replace these with GFCI outlets as this will help protect your property. Your electrician will be able to evaluate your property’s needs.

#3 Aluminum wiring

Many homes that were built in the 1960’s & 1970’s had aluminum wiring instead of the safer copper wiring. The former is prone to loosen over time and this increases the fire risk in your home, whenever any outlet is in use. When you get the wiring on your property inspected by an electrician, he would be able to tell you if there is any risk and will provide a suitable solution to the problem. Check more of this here…

Electrical fire is totally damaging and knowing how you can prevent it from ever happening will assure you of a better environment where you can work and live at. You will gain peace of mind in knowing that no amount of harm will ever happen to you and your property because your electrical system is well updated.

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